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Overnight Floating Shift Supervisor

Overnight Floating Shift Supervisor

Position Number 
East 87th
Job Locations 
Regular Full-Time
FLSA Status 
Minimum Salary 
USD $32,000.00/Yr.
Maximum Salary 
USD $32,000.00/Yr.

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This entry-level management position exists only in the IDD Division. Supervises and coordinates of activities of direct care workers on assigned shift.  May be responsible for all or designated part of personnel management, fiscal operations, inventory management, resident services, safety and welfare of residents, training personnel, directing and coordinating the activities of the shift, and administration of the residence.  Within the Residence Manager and Professional Staff's guidelines, establishes clinical procedures and policies for residents and ensures that residence operations meet or exceed agency and regulatory guidelines.  This position will be in charge of the Residence during the absence of the Residence Manager and Assistant Residence Manager.  Additionally, this position will place a staff member in charge of the facility when the Residence Manager, Assistant Residence Manager, and Skill Builder II(s) are not present.  Interacts with residence direct care staff, professional staff, and division management.  Required to coordinate activities with the professional staff and take directions from the professional staff.


    • Assists in Providing Clinical Services 
  • Assigns caseloads and related duties, coordinates the activities of the staff in providing treatment services to residents.
  • Provides clinical oversight of implementation of all phases of residents' treatment plans. This includes but is not limited to daily living skills training, personal hygiene, medical needs, recreational and socialization activities.
  • Provides quality oversight of symptom assessment and services provided by the staff to residents to ensure the quality of the services meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Monitors interactions of staff with residents either individually or in groups to evaluate the quality of the service.
  • Ensures staff is securing information, such as medical, psychological, and social factors contributing to the individual's situation, and that the staff is evaluating the resident's capabilities. Regularly inspects case records to evaluate the completeness and quality of treatment plans, medical records, and progress notes. Responsible for the accuracy of data in computer database.
  • Informs staff to the types of clinical services and recreational activities available.
  • Reviews crisis intervention of residents with staff, reviews nonverbal and verbal crisis intervention techniques to be used with each individual resident, and staff-actions during a crisis situation.
  • Informs staff of community resources and ensures that staff are accompanying residents on regularly scheduled or emergency visits to medical treatment facilities, social agencies, government offices, or other locations associated with treatment or assistance for residents.
  • Immediately reports serious incidents, allegations of abuse, incidents, or sensitive situations and completes incident reports to the Assistant Residence Manager and Residence Manager.
  • In the Residence Manager and Assistant Residence Manager's absence or with the Residence Manger's authority, directs meetings concerning clinical and administrative issues.
  • Compliance with agency infection control policies.
    • Assists in Directing and Supervising Personnel
  • With the Residence Manager's authority establishes and maintains work schedules in accordance with agency policy. May be responsible for managing the completion of time clock edits of shift within the deadline established by the Department of Human Resources.
  • Ensures staff compliance with the agency's time and attendance policy; recommends disciplinary action to the Residence Manager and Assistant Residence Manager for those out of compliance.
  • As shift supervisor for assigned shift, provides supervision and instruction to the Skills Builder Is as to the specific tasks that need to be performed.
  • Assists the Residence Manager and Assistant Residence Manager in managing the completion of performance evaluations, recommends staff for the employee recognition award and promotions, and evaluates staff for merit bonuses.
  • Conducts shift supervision in accordance with residence and division policy.
  • Recommends disciplinary actions in accordance with agency disciplinary policy. With the Residence Manager's approval conducts disciplinary counseling and completes disciplinary action reports.
  • Ensures that shift has attended required in-service training and schedules employees to attend both in-service training and training provided by vendors. Conducts training on clinical subjects, charting, fire safety plan, fire drills, emergency plans and procedures, building security, volunteers and interns, and site-specific exposure control plan.
  • Assists in the management of employee accident reporting, FMLA reporting, and initial submission of workers' compensation claims.
  • Monitors employee morale and the climate of the work environment to stop or eliminate sexual harassment or any form of employee harassment or employee discrimination. Responsible for taking complaints of sexual harassment and informing the Residence Manager.
  • May delegated the responsibility of monitoring employee accrual totals.
  • Assists in providing oversight in the area of administrative recordkeeping, maintenance of office equipment, reception of visitors, phone reception, and stocking office supplies.
  • Assists in the management of the orientation of new personnel and the sponsorship program.
  • Assists in ensuring that volunteers and student interns are being utilized and supervised in accordance with agency policy. 
    • Assists in Maintaining Property Accountability
  • May assist in maintaining accountability and serviceability of all ICL property assigned to the program to include vehicles. Reports lost stolen, missing, or damaged property to the Residence Manager. If directed, conducts initial investigations of property that is lost, stolen, missing, or damaged.
  • Recommends the purchase of supplies and equipment; properly secures all property and equipment. Conducts regular inspections of vehicles and property to ensure cleanliness, accountability, and serviceability.
  • Conducts regular inspections of resident rooms to ensure property accountability and serviceability. Establishes key control procedures.
  • Recommends disciplinary action for staff whose negligence resulted in ICL property becoming lost, stolen, missing, or damaged. 
    • Assists in Providing Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Assists in ensuring internal program compliance with federal, state, city, and agency regulatory requirements. Monitors the quality of the services provided to residents.
  • Assists in the development of a residence mission statement that supports the division and agency mission statements.
  • May be directed to coordinate with the Department of Quality Management and the Management Services Organization for staff assistance in the preparation for an audit.
  • Reviews plans of corrective action, incident reports, and program evaluation reports and recommends action that needed for improvement.
  • May be directed to provide oversight in submission of statistical data. 
    • Assists the in Assuring Consumer and Family Involvement
  • Educates staff in the benefits of resident and family involvement, levels of resident and family involvement, types of resident and family involvement, nature of resident and family involvement, and issues of working with the resident and family.
  • Assists in the development a resident strategy for working with residents and families and develops activities that foster residence-resident and family cooperation and coordination.
  • Assists in fostering the development of resident involvement committees. 
    • Assists the in Fostering Community Relations
  • Assists in promoting Mental Retardation programs in local communities.
  • Educates staff and residents on the importance of a constructive relationship with local elected officials, community boards, and community citizens.
  • Cooperates with other organizations in development of understanding and interest participating in long-range plans for mental retardation program development.
    • Conducts Investigations:
    • Assists in conducting internal investigations of untoward incidents as directed by the Residence Manager or Assistant Residence Manager in accordance with agency policy.


Willingness and ability to use ICL supplied communication tools (e.g. computers, beepers, telephone, fax, etc.) regularly in the course of conducting business. Compliance with attendance rules and the ability to work on a regular schedule and has on-call responsibilities


High school diploma or equivalent. Two years experience direct care to individuals who have mental retardation/developmental disabilities.  Valid NYS driver’s license.

Certified in SCIP-R, AMAP and SFA/CPR

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